A New Found Love: The Burgundy Palette by Sportsgirl

A New Found Love: The Burgundy Palette by Sportsgirl

Around two weeks ago, a new product hit the shelves at Sportsgirl. Over the past few months, a series of ‘Eye Shade It’ Palettes had been released, the first being the ‘Bronze Palette’. The first palette features a beautiful orange, amongst your typical bronzed/brown tones – perfect for a day/night time look, making it super versatile. Following that, the smoky eye palette- showcasing grey tones, perfect for a date night/ sultry evening look on the eyes.


However. Last week was a huge game changer when the Burgundy palette was finally released (after plenty of anticipation) as I had seen a sneak peak of it in the look book photos on SG’s Instagram story a few weeks prior. This palette is ridiculous. To start off, the packaging is super chic, and features a matte texture to the palette. Due to this, it is packaged in clear plastic to prevent customers hands with glitter from testers/dirt in general reaching it and ruining the overall look. So, on that note, I would definitely recommend handling the palette with clean hands. Though, I know how difficult this can be when you have 5 different swatches on each finger etc. 


 Nonetheless- let’s get into the actual palette. Like the rest of the eye shade it range, it holds 9 circular pans of eyeshadow. The shades being (top left to bottom right): Bae, On Fleek, Damn Gina, Goals, Slay, Lit, Bye Fleicia, Squad and Intense. Personally, I’m not an avid fan of these shade names, however, the shades make up for this – big time.


Now, if you enjoyed/want to purchase the Modern Renaissance Palette by ABH – think again. For $19.95, you will be getting one hell of a similar experience with the eye shadows, especially that stunning purple/pink/red tone (Lit). For me, this shade was the highlight of the entire palette, and like the rest of the Eye Shade It range, it is super pigmented, buttery and a dream to apply on the eyelids. 


I remember when I first experimented with makeup. I must have been about 12-14. The first two palettes I ever owned, were a neon BYS palette with fluorescent greens and pinks (I was particularly fond of the green – god knows why), and my next palette was in fact, a little sportsgirl one. It held a few brown tones, and a gorgeous pearl shimmer shade. However, I remember these old SG palettes as being powdery, and I struggled to get pigment off them. Though this was perfect for me at that age. I only needed a sheer look to my eyes, nothing extravagant. But, what I’m trying to say is – these palettes are truly worth purchasing, and it is evident that Sportsgirl have worked seriously hard on creating some on trend palettes, that work for all eye looks. So, in saying all of this, I highly urge you to head down to your nearest SG and at least give this beauty a swatch, you might even be pushed to purchase it. I mean, for $19.95 it would be probably be rude not to for that price point (I kid).


Happy swatching & enjoy xxx