Love Your Body Week

Hello my loves xxx

I thought I’d discuss a topic with you all, regarding body image – and most importantly, self love. Next week, from the 3rd – 9th of September, the Butterfly Foundation & Sportsgirl are holding ‘Love Your Body Week’.

It is time to celebrate you, & sway away from the concept of an ‘ideal’ body image (because it is simply just not a thing).

I cannot stress enough, just how important it is to practice self-love. Learn to appreciate the body you were given, stop comparing & accept yourself. I know, it’s hard – and certainly doesn’t come natural, but it’s so important that each and every person ventures on a journey of self gratitude. We are so caught up in a world of wanting what the other person has – whether that be a hair colour, height, weight, etc. When you spend time wishing upon all of these things (which we all do at some point, it’s human), we tumble down a hill of forgetting to appreciate the wonders of our own body.

It’s time to have a never ending appreciation for what your anatomy allows you to do, whether that be walking up the stairs, being able to hear/see, or simply being able to wake up in the morning. Your body is unique, and whilst you may not feel that it’s ‘perfect’ – remember that it is the vessel that is going to carry you through life. Therefore, I think it’s fair to say it deserves every ounce of love, rather than hate and criticism. Dissolving all of your negative thoughts upon your image, and gradually becoming confident with the skin that you’re in, is the pathway to lifelong happiness. Instead of analysing the area you dislike about yourself next time you look in the mirror, tell yourself ONE thing you love. I’m sure you’ll be able to find more than one, trust me.

Click on the link below to make your pledge to your body this year, or simply just keep one in the back of your mind to be conscious of next time you are about to compare yourself to somebody else.


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