Skincare Staples

Well looked after and nourished skin, is happy skin. You only get one face, so it makes sense to look after it. The only way to do this, is through the right products. I have been through and experimented with a ridiculous amount of brands, but have finally found staples in my routine that I feel super confident recommending to you guys.

I think when it comes to starting a skincare regime, the first step is knowing your skin type. This allows you to research what products work best for your skin. I have dry/normal skin, with the occasional hormonal blemish. I find that winter is the period in which the dryness seriously kicks in- and is when I have to keep on top of my moisturiser application.

During my high school years, I was fond of the Cetaphil range, which really did work for me (and such a cheap price point too). However, at the start of this year I was gifted a Frank Body Scrub, which lasted me four months with weekly use. All I can say, is that this brand is incredible. This scrub hydrates, evens and replenishes your skin – a dream for us fake tan lovers (best exfoliant to bless the earth – seriously.) So, after enjoying this scrub so much, it was only natural for me to give his skincare range a try.

I purchased the ‘Sweet Cheeks Kit’, which retails for $49.95 AUD. First and foremost, I was really impressed with the packaging of the products when they arrived. Inside a cylinder cardboard container, holds the ‘Creamy Face Cleanser’, ‘Creamy Face Scrub’, ‘Everyday Face Moisturiser’ and a cute complimentary face towel.

Now lets get into the actual products.

  1. The Creamy Face Cleanser ($21.95 RRP)

The cleanser contains a few key ingredients: Marshmallow root extract, Arabica coffee seed extract, Charcoal & Coconut. The charcoal is a huge giveaway, as the cleanser itself is grey in colour, and I feel there is a mild charcoal scent to it (which does grow on you.) As you can probably tell, Frank Body are a huge fan of natural products being the base of their skincare – something I feel plays a pivotal role in improving the complexion of your skin. You are clearly going to see a huge difference between using skincare that is doused in chemicals- which eventually strip your skin of it’s natural oils, etc. In my opinion, sticking with what is natural is best.

In terms of how much you need to cover your entire face, I tend to just use 1 pump – which is amazzzzzing as the cleanser will last longer. There is nothing worse than using one bottle of something in the short span of a month and having to repurchase. Becomes a costly habit, very quickly. Despite this, on the days where I have worn more makeup than usual, I will use roughly two pumps, which does the job perfectly.

You will notice a major change in your complexion after one day of use (once in the morning, and at night). I find I have more of a natural glow/luminosity to my skin, even underneath makeup, which is great.

Overall, this cleanser leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed, and comfortably clean. It will very quickly become that face wash you reach for daily.

2. Creamy Face Scrub ($21.95 RRP)

This product is the second step in my skin care routine, and a favourite. I love the smell/texture of it that much, that it saddens me I can’t use it every single day. Frank Body recommend using the coffee based scrub 2-3 times a week, after cleansing. It’s instructions are to massage into face/neck for 60 seconds in circular motions, leave it for three minutes, and rinse.

Similar to the cleanser, you really do only need a pea size amount to cover your entire face, but unfortunately doesn’t come with a pump.

The main ingredients of the scrub are: freshly roasted & ground Robusta coffee, white clay, rosehip oil and coconut/almond/grapeseed oils. I feel the star of the show, really is the coffee in this product. It makes it’s presence known through the tiny granules that gently buff away at the dead skin on your face, giving a youthful glow. In addition, I personally thrive off the scent of fresh coffee, making this scrub a big win-win for me.

3. Everyday Face Moisturiser ($21.95 RRP)

If dry skin had a best friend, this would most certainly be it. Wave goodbye to uneven complexion, dryness/flakiness. You’ll be saying hello to elastic, free and replenished skin after adding this product to your skincare shelf.

This moisturiser is an absolute blessing for all skin types, in particular – those prone to sensitive and dry skin. I tend to use this each day after cleansing with the Creamy Face Cleanser, and it provides a stunning base for underneath your foundation, giving a ‘glow from within’.

The primary ingredients in the moisturiser are: Arabica Coffee Seed Oil, Cocoa & Shea Butters, Vitamin E, and of course, the beloved Coconut/Almond/Grapeseed oils. Unlike the scrub, this product only has a slight hint of a coffee scent, but still has that great feel to it. Like the previously mentioned aspects of the skincare range, you really don’t need much, and less is more. Making it super cost efficient.

4. Mario Badescu Facial Spray (with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater) ($9.95 RRP)

Similar to every other product I have mentioned, this facial spray is infused with only natural products – and the main attraction being, the rosewater. This product is a dreamboat for dry skin, for a hydrating pick-me-up.

I tend to apply mine morning and night, and is the last step of my skincare routine. However, I will often tend to give my face a quick spritz after I have finished at the gym etc, as it truly is one of the products that wakes you up.

I have read that it can be used as a setting spray for makeup, although I feel I’d rather stick with what I know in regards to setting sprays (eg: Urban Decay All Nighter/NYX Dewy Finishing Veil). However, I would definitely use it prior makeup application, for a dewy look to your base.

Back to the actual product itself, the combination of the herbs and rosewater, soothe the skin – and leave your face feeling cool and refreshed, making it the perfect summer essential. I know I will definitely be keeping one handy on my Europe travels, and for $9, it would be rude not to, right?

5. Mario Badescu Lip Wax ($6 RRP)

Smooth, hydrated & kissable will be the type of lips you will have after use of this incredible lip balm. Mario has created this lip balm with Vitamin C & E, making it the perfect go-to product for the harsh winter months, when chapped lips come about.

Some people do find the initial texture of this balm quite greasy, however after a minute or two, it does sink into the skin and is absorbed, resulting in a simple sheen on the lips.

This balm is perfect for on the go, and is definitely one of my handbag products that I always keep on me.

So, there’s my ultimate favourite skin care products, that are the backbone of my regime. I hope this post was beneficial & gave some insight into how these products are used, and how much value you really do get for your money .

Niamh x

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