How to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle


Being healthy. What do you associate it with? Eating fruit and spending hours on the treadmill?

Healthiness and wellbeing is far from that – in fact, it isn’t JUST about the way your body is looking, or what progress you’ve made since your last trip to the gym. It is feeling nourished, mentally. The minute you incorporate strict, boring routine into your life (eg: gym at 7pm, eat chicken and brocolli for dinner, go to bed at 8pm, etc) – things will become nothing but a drain.

First, you need to start. For myself, it took forever to drag myself down to the gym – and I am seriously thankful for the day that I found enough motivation to do that. Once you break that initial barrier by stepping into a gym, or perhaps getting into your gym clothes and going for a walk, that is when you break the cycle of your previous habits. Even if it means sitting on your bed in your gym clothes – go you. It is all baby steps.

If you are struggling with your weight, confidence, or happiness in general with your current lifestyle – I hope this post shines some light on some areas you feel comfortable changing.

1. Start your day off the right way

The way you start off your morning, sets the tone for your entire day. And it should always be started with a nutritious, super filling breakfast. Never skip this part, ever. Steer clear of a breakfast doused in sugar, opt for wholegrains, filling carbs and fruits.

Each morning before I even make my breakfast, I grab 1 wedge of lemon, squeeze it into a glass and add warm water. I saw Ashy Bines speak about how this has had a seriously positive impact on her digestive system, and I too, have been reaping the benefits.

When it comes to breakfast, my staple favourite at the moment (which are super quick) – are oats. I have been loving the box of uncle tobys quick oats – no added sugar, just oats. I whack mine in the microwave with some milk, cinnamon and manuka. Then grab a banana (or whatever fruit your lil heart desires) , a spoonful of chia seeds, and boom – breakfast is done. You really don’t need any added sugar for this breakfast, as the banana, honey and cinammon will really give it that sweetness that you’re after. I find this breakfast choice is a dream for the cooler months we will be experiencing in Australia.

But- if you’re after more of a refreshing brekky, then I would absolutely recommend a smoothie bowl. These are ridiculously easy and efficient to make in the morning, espeically if you’re on the go. I have added the recipe to both components of the bowl in previous posts.

Uncle Tobys Oats: $5.50 for 1kg @ Woolworths

2. Find an exercise regime that works for you

I can’t begin to stress how ridiculously important this is. It will be one of the building blocks for your wellbeing- can quite easily become a haven for you. An escape of sorts. Start slowly with this, especially if you don’t want to jump straight into the deep end. Take the stairs instead of the escalator you religiously stand on each morning, park further away from the entrance for the walk – there are so many little tweaks you can make on your daily habits.

Then, when you’re comfortable, put on some workout gear and go for a walk/run. Whether it be with the dogs, a partner, or your trusty headphones. Just move. I actually found that purchasing two nice pieces of activewear motivated me – as I needed an excuse to wear them out (silly, I know).

For me, joining a gym was a major step in my transition to a healthy lifestyle. If you’re hesitant about the financial commitment of a membership, I strongly suggest looking on sites such as , for offers and promotions. If you don’t have access to a platform like that, I’d recommend contacting a gym near you for deals they have on that month. Believe me, they’re always looking for new members. Sam (my partner), and I were lucky enough to find a 3 month membership for $50…. An example of how cheap you can find memberships.

In addition to joining the gym, find someone to go with you! It makes it so  much more bearable. It provides you with someone to share your progress with, try exercises with, and even compete with – if that’s what you enjoy. Most of all, I find having a gym partner motivational. If one of you doesn’t fancy going to the gym one evening, you can convince them to go and spur them on to get out of a sluggish mindset. 18575243_1526090937424573_1916274450_o

However, I do understand wholeheartedly, that the gym isn’t the environment for everyone. So, in that scenaro, I would recommend purchasing a workout mat. You can grab these from Kmart for $10-15. Challenge yourself each morning to do 15 sit ups before you have breakfast. I can’t stress enough how important it is to move.






3. Start Healthy Eating Habits

This is by far, the easiest way to contribute to your new lifestyle. Swap that cappuccino with two sugars for a bottle of water. Instead of buying white bread, get that wholemeal loaf that is 50c extra. But also, treat yourself to that glass of wine after your hard day of work. Moderation is going to be your bestfriend – and so is meal prepping.

I am a huge advocate of cheat meals, and still endulging in the foods you love. Because we all know what happens when you stop yourself from eating and engaging in what you love – things become boring, and ultimately, a drag. I think the 80/20 rule is a great backbone to have behind your daily diet. Eat clean 80% of the time, but indulge 20% of the time. I mean, look at it like this. If you ate fattening foods with 0 benefits for your body 100% of the time, it would have a detrimental impact on your health. This is a double sided coin, as if you ate impeccably 100% of the time, you’d find no joy in nourishing your body, and giving it what it needs. Balance, balance, balance.

My Tips:

  • Never skip breakfast
  • Don’t do your foodshop on an empty stomach (this is a recipe for disaster – literally)
  • Incorporate vegetables in your lunch and dinner, always. If you aren’t a lover of veg, finely dice them to the point that you can’t even see them, and chuck them in your meal. I despise mushrooms (hate the texture, appearance, etc). However, when I cook spaghetti, I dice them finely, fry them off in olive oil with a tonne of other vegetables, and once they’re in the sauce- you forget they are even there. * I”ll be posting this recipe within the next week *
  • Use smoothies as a way of getting as many fruits/veg into your day as possible
  • Purchase a 1-2L water bottle from the supermarket, and try to finish it by the end of the day. (This is super achievable)
  • Pack your lunch for work. This removes all temptation of caving in and purchasing a quick fix on your break, and will also save you some serious $$$ in the long run.





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